Ethnic Music Meditations

Everything started with A PROFOUND QUEST OF SILENCE

Ive been meditating for more than 20 years. The transformational power of silence has always inspired me and has become my main inspiration over the years. And I think meditating with NEY, a musical instrument especially made for deep meditations has an utterly different kind of impact on human consciousness. I am very excited to share this magnificent cultural inheritance with the world, as it should be. Nevsah

According to Rm, ney is a symbol of the perfect human being, matured and enlightened by passing through different life phases.

This friend; sallow, eviscerated, branded and pierced all over, yearning for hearth and home, screams and wails rising from his bosom, is whispering secrets to mankind telling about love, the foundation of the creation. Rm

Ney is venerated by the Mevlevs and is called ny- erf.

In his exegesis of Mesnev, Ahmed Avn Konuk mentions the following; The seven holes of ney indicate humans seven visible limbs of which the actions of mankind emerge.

Based on this thought, since everything apart from God is effaced in the body of the perfect human being, which is symbolized by Ney, it can be said that actions coming to existence from Him can only happen under His spiritual influence.

As a matter of fact, considering that there are also top and bottom holes in Ney, there are nine nodes in total.

Kutbn-ny Niyz Sayn states the relation between Ney and the perfect human being as such;

By structure, ney has nine holes. It has a close resemblance to a human being. A harvested cane is related to a matured human. You take a Ney, you harvest the cane, you cut its arms, you pierce holes in his bodyThat is to say, there is (also) a ney maker who makes the human mature. We consider that as Haq himself.

According to us, Ny- erf, which symbolizes the Perfect Human Being with his nine nodes and nine holes, is a Nezr-i Mevln as well.


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